We provide a true customization to your business needs at any level from user requirement specifications to on-screen functionalities. Let the solutions fit with mathematical accuracy to your business process because only then any technology works for you. Adapt your software for different regional, geographical and statutory parameters..

  • Small and medium scale enterprises manage their business activities by creating end to end customized software applications to suit their specific requirements.
  • Dashboards can be customized with analytical reports in operation, maintenance and accounts to make timely business decisions based on actual transaction.
  • Our expert business analysts and customized software developers not only ensure that you get the correct & relevant information at the right time but also ensure that it is represented in a simple, easy to understand manner.
  • Automated stock aging calculation for stock allocation.
  • Everything customized has to be documented according to their categories in the form of predefined templates; these then have to be approved by the team leads or authorized persons.


Our ERP consultants understand the modules they are implementing and the set up and configuration options available, the key skill is being able to map the requirements of the customer to the capabilities of the ERP system.

  • DSI Consultants share the knowledge about the current business process, design current business flows, study current business processes and its complication - in all we can say that this is getting through with the current business setup.
  • Mapping and GAP analysis is done for each module. Functional consultants prepare the test scripts for testing the configured scenarios. testing may also include Unit testing, System Integration Testing, performance testing, user acceptance testing, regression testing, or any client specific software testing
  • Our consultants deliver the exclusive end user manual and user training as per the system and customized features of the ERP software. Updating of project status to project manager & other concerned persons
  • Creating a roadmap for implementation and a project management office team (PMO) to implement as per roadmap.
  • Facilitate and train the users on the adoption of new technology through change Management process and at the same time cost effective during and after implementation


We have an excellent track record in providing staffing solutions to the most respected and growing organizations in domestic and international business domain. We share our technical and functional experience in stiffening service to ensure the best deliverables to meet customer's requirements.

  • Our domain experts take the key role in giving consultancy with required technical documents for any specific complex requirements. Complete planning and implementation process with necessary quality controls are the main objective in our staffing service..
  • We hire best suitable employees in making a large database of skilled employees from across the sectors and our main focus is to provide the service at low cost at a very low turnaround time.
  • We retain the best talented and skilled employee by providing world class facility and advanced training program for their career and future growth. We engage them with many different types of workshops with real time case studies to enhance their learning and enhancing the productivity

Our Domain Expertise.

  • Transport and Logistics.
  • Manufacturing, Process and Infrastructure.
  • Consumer Services and Retail.
  • Banking, Financial Services and Insurance.
  • Information Technology.


Software projects get into the support phase only after they go live and end users start using the system for their real time operation. Users may face many issues and challenges since the system is new and specific customizations.

Hence they interact with support team to ensure the day to day operation go live with real time transactions. We provide onsite and remote supports either under annual maintenance contract (AMC) or on-call (OC) basis as per the terms and conditions agreed with the customers.

  • Support team allocates the online tickets to the technical team for required diagnosis, analysis and resolving the issues with necessary system and software upgrades in scheduled time.
  • Support team helps users in providing the technical and user manual along functional specification and case studies for their specific needs or customization.
  • A periodic newsletter gets circulated among the customers to connect live with our new development, features, facilities and information of our product, service and support.