Teaching is a great way of contributing to society and enhancing the skills of the young students. However, a lot of school and college classes have not been able to suffice the requirements of students. This created the need for software in coaching classes.

EduPro Operation Modules

  • Enquiry Management -A centralized system to record all the relevant enquiry data and engage the internal team to look after the quality control and necessary follow-up till enrollment.
    • Enquiry Status, Source of Enquiry and How contacted
    • Preferred Batch with Time and Location
    • Discount and Payment Options
    • MIS- Enquiry analysis and conversion ratio
  • Quality Control -Verification system focused on fulfilling quality requirement of enquiry. This helps in sustaining the reputation of institute/coaching classes.
    • Confirmation of Enquiry through Email and SMS.
    • Validation of contact and communication details.
    • Potential Enquiry Analysis.
  • Follow up Management - Sales team accelerates the conversion of potential enquiry into enrollment.
    • Sales Executive to follow-up as per the convenient date and time.
    • Auto Reminder to executive and communication to enquirer through Email and SMS. .
    • Follow up status and outcome of enquiry.
  • Enrollment - Sales order for confirmation of enrollment with Batch allocation and Approval details.
    • Allocation with Batch and Location.
    • Confirmation of discount and payment schedule.
    • Connecting with Accounts and Class Operation Schedule.
    • Uploading the Document and relevant files.
  • Syllabus Management - Configuring the syllabus with chapter wise planning based on the duration required for completion.
    • Define Subject/ Unit/ Chapter using EDU-Structure.
    • Configure Subject/ Unit/ Chapter as per course using EDU-Package.
    • Schedule the date and time of classes and allocate lecturers.
    • Assign class type (Theory/ Practical/ Exam) and Room No.
    • Dashboard/ SMS intimation of the class schedule.
Customer Relationship Management
  • Attendance Management - Centralized server records the attendance of students, lecturers and staff and triggers the necessary communication.
    • Status of scheduled classes (Open/ Executed/ Rescheduled/ Cancelled) can be tracked via class-operation.
    • Provision of day In and out attendance using Biometric Machine.
    • Lecture wise attendance using class-attendance by TAB/ Biometric Machine.
  • Performance Monitoring - Provision to update obtained marks for executed schedules with class type exam
    • Uploading the Exam marks.
    • Providing Marks through dashboard and email.
    • MIS- Performance of multiple exam results on subject wise analysis.
  • Fees Management - Integrated system to maintain the student accounts
    • Provision of Bill Schedule as per installment for specific month and date.
    • Detailed information about discounts, installment, service tax, outstanding amount, overdue amount can be analyzed.
    • Print facility for receipt.
    • Auto SMS and Email provision at required transaction level.

Purchase/Inventory Management

  • Manage multiple warehouses and inventory locations efficiently across all locations on a single platform.
  • Purchase planning and purchase order management.
  • Batch ID/Manufacturing Date/Warrant Days wise inventory.
  • Internal stock movement with request and approval system.
  • Automated stock aging calculation for stock allocation.
  • Accounting automation.
  • Purchase Import facility from any DMS.

Financial Accounting Management

  • Automated, Flexible Financial Processes.
  • Branch-wise balance sheet, trial balance and profit-loss account.
  • Real time integration of accounting MIS for group of companies.

HR And Payroll Management (HRPM)

Ensures a single point of truth for your core HR needs

  • Streamlines and manages the most important and valuable asset of any organization: its employee.
  • Manage your employees’ time and attendance data effectively with real time integration with biometric machines.
HR And Payroll Management (HRPM)
Finance and account
  • HRPM allows employees to holistically maintain leave data and information, apply for leave and get approval from their managers, through an extensive set of hierarchy system.
  • Creation of rules as per organization for earnings, deductions, bonus, arrears, leave and attendance, taxes, statutory requirement etc.
  • One step process for Salary, Bonus, Appraisal, Incentive, & Conveyance, and arrear calculation process.
  • Provision of monthly salary summary, salary register, and salary slip.
  • Calculation of all types of statutory compliances I.e., PF, ESIC, TDS, PT and LWF.
  • Generates authenticated system generated Offer Letter, Appointment Letter, Job Description, Pay Slip, and Experience/Relieving Letter.
  • MIS reports provide the insights to every aspect of the company and plan resources effectively.


  • CRM Analytics(Enquiry, QC, Follow Up, Sales Order).
  • Class Schedule.
  • Class Attendance with advance analysis.
  • Class-Exam.
  • Attendance Tracker.
Dashboard Edu Pro