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About The Associates:

  a) Mr. Pramod Kumar Parida, B.Com(Hons)., LL.M Advocate, High Court.
  b) Ms. Mitali Chhatpar, B.Com (B&I), LL.B., Post Graduate Diploma in IPR, Advocate,
      High Court .
  c) Ms. Kiran Vadher, B.Com, M.B.A., Income Tax Practitioner.

Our expertise includes the dedication of most experienced attorneys with high standards of legal ethics and corporate governance. PKP Legal Solutions has the requisite expertise and is well positioned to provide comprehensive legal services that meet the changing needs of clients on a 24/7 basis both at the original levels and appellate levels up to Supreme Court. Besides, the firm is ably assisted by Chartered Accountants.

PKP Legal Solutions provides efficient & productive work with the best Customer Services in the industry. We customize in legal costs accurately.

The staffs comprised are totally dedicated. The rich experiences of lawyers who deal with the matters are purely result oriented and they continuously strive for the client professionally and whole heartedly. In pursuit of excellence to achieve the desired outcome, the professionals involved remain always quality conscious, they are well versed with the procedural aspects of various legal requirements with various authorities such as RBI, FIBP, Income Tax. Authorities of IPRs, Tribunals, CLB and in the matter of High Courts and Supreme Court. They all operate in various Courts all over India. The opinions whether written or oral are of qualitative and based on the rich experience of dedicated professionals such as lawyers and Chartered Accountants.

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